Wish there was no romance

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Just wasn’t for me. I liked a lot of the tribe/Native things, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the romance and felt like a lot of things were a little convenient.

Our main character is a high school senior and is very knowledgeable about chemistry, anatomy, and biology, and of course her tribe and Native American practices. So when a FBI agent comes to the area to help find out what is going on with the students. Is it just typical drugs between high schoolers or something more?

I found a lot of the things that happened to be kind of convenient and I disliked the ending.

Also, I felt like the romance was just added in for the sake of this being a young adult book. The romance happened a little too fast and a little too conveniently and they ended up saying “i love you” way too soon.

Overall, I enjoyed it but not a favorite. I really enjoyed the Native American aspect the most.