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This book was so pleasant to read. I'm late on my review, but that made it possible for me to read along physically while I listened to it on audio. I found that a great way to absorb this book because of the native language used in the story.

I was first attracted to this book because of the cover. It's stunning! And the writing and plot did not disappoint. The synopsis was the other reason I was so interested in this story. Although I am not of Native American heritage, I am a biracial female and I was intrigued to see how our protagonists point of view would be told. It was very well down. The feelings and thoughts that internally go through the mind of someone growing up in one culture, but wanting to be accepted by two.

Overall though, we are in a mystery of sorts and it never got boring for me. There are sad moments, yet they drive you to the conclusion so that you may get justification. Wonderful book!