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I would have probably DNF this one if I hadn't got the audio book from Libby. Simply because the main character is a bit of a know it all and I can barely stand people like that in real life. The only thing that kept me was the fact of the Native aspect (lack of a better word). Took me back to my younger days when we'd go to pow wows I swear I could hear the drums. Makes me wish I had someone to take me more about my heritage.

Back to the book tho.

The ending was probably the best part because it was so fast pace but getting there. .. was a bit of a mess.

It's literally 21 jump street, but make it on an reservation and it's just their little town....or so it seems it might have went further and throw some rape in there.

So be warned before you read this if drugs and rape are triggers.

It does paint the picture vividly of what people with power or money can get away with