Loved the Topic, Didn't love the style

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I'm not a big fan of YA mysteries, and I thought some of the plot points were a little too easy. I didn't like the fake dating trope in this book, so it wasn't a new favorite for me. Having said that, the characters, especially the grandmothers and aunts, were fascinating! My Canadian friends would be ecstatic about the hockey part, but overall, it was a decent time. I can't speak to the authenticity of the representation, but I found reading about it interesting. The author did an outstanding job of integrating it into the story without making it seem like a huge info dump. In Firekeeper's Daughter, the agony of the past is not withheld. The cruelty, bigotry, and crimes committed against Native Americans over decades are portrayed wonderfully. In no way would I call it an easy read, but it's well worth the time and emotional investment