Coming of age mystery

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Daunis has been too much of this or too much of that, depending on which side of her family she is with. Her Firekeeper family sees her as Fontaine while her Fontaine family sees her as too much Firekeeper. When a new kind of drug starts appearing that is killing people on the reservation, Daunis finds herself roped into helping the FBI by going undercover and using her chemistry and traditional medicine knowledge to find out who is making and dealing it.
The story is expertly plotted. The pacing is well done. I was glued to this book once I started. Could not put it down. Daunis both trying to solve the mystery of the meth maker and distributors while navigating her family and community had me hooked.
I loved how much of the book was steeped in the Ojibwe language, culture, traditions. It really shown through in Daunis and her family and the characters and the world. Daunis herself is a well drawn and developed character. I loved her love of science and her smarts. Her loyalty to her community and family.
Firekeeper’s Daughter is a coming-of-age mystery for anyone who enjoys science, diverse stories, and great storytelling. 5/5