I am loving these characters and wanting to read more!

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The first chapters of The Fire-Keeper's Daughter have snagged my interest. I will keep reading! Daunis, whose mother is white and from a prominent family and whose dead father was Ojibwe is trying to find her place in her world and within her own families. Add to the necessary self-discovery of a girl ready to begin college, the grief of losing her Uncle David and that her grandmother, GrandMary has had a stroke, and it rings true when she thinks that the New Normal is "what happens when your universe is shaken so badly you can never regain the same axis as before. But you try anyway." Add in the conflict over her best friend, Lily and ex-boyfriend, Travis (stars of The Lily and Travis Saga) and the handsome new hockey player, Jamie, of Cherokee descent with with a mysterious scar. How could anyone stop reading? Not me!