Where to Start....

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Oh, boy. Where to start with this review?! I was hesitant to request an ARC of this one, because I just wasn't quite sure if it was my cup of tea. History, religion, and travel are certainly subjects of interest to me, but I was afraid this one would be over my head in terms of geography, etc. But something about this book piqued my interest much like "The Kite Runner" and other books by Khaled Hosseini, which are some of my favorite books ever, so I went for it.

Let me say that this book is so beautifully written. There are so many elements to it that it is really hard to even put into words. There are parts that action-packed, parts that are pretty humorous, and then, of course, parts that just tug at the reader's heartstrings so much.

Don't let the hard-to-pronounce names and places trip you up, because this book is certainly a fascinating must-read!