Life Under ISIS

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This book is about the people who helped keep the animals of the Mosul Zoo alive during the city's occupation by ISIS and just after its liberation. I had thought the book would be more about the animals, but I was not at all disappointed that the focus was on the people. Sadly, I'd never really stopped to think about the hardships they endured during that period, so this book was eye opening for me. It really mattered to me what happened to them, so I was a little disappointed with the way Abu Laith and Hakam pretty much disappeared from the account once Dr. Amir entered the picture. Abu Laith still had some involvement in getting the animals to safety, so I would have liked to have seen some of those scenes through his eyes. Also, I would have liked to see a little more how Hakam was involved with the animal rescue. Also, I wish there had been a map and some photos, though I did read an ARC. Hopefully those features are available in the finished copy.

Overall this was definitely a worthwhile read, reminding us that, though difficulties bring out the worst in some, in others they bring out the best. Thank you BookishFirst for the ARC.