Father of Lions was amazing!

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I usually don't read much nonfiction but I am really glad I saw Father of Lions and decided to give it a try. This book was amazing! I was so caught up with following the journey of Abu Laith as he did his best to protect the animals of a small zoo in Mosul during the occupation of ISIS.

Much of the book was serious and sad but there were also humorous parts like when Abu Laith lived up to the meaning of his name and protected the animals by acting like a lion. It is nice to see that humans can show such love and devotion to all kinds of animals.

The book varied between the viewpoint of Abu Laith and his family and Hakam and his family as Hakam was also part of the rescue of Zombie and Lula. There was also a bit of Dr. Amir at the end.

It is really amazing that this is a true story! There are even photos of some of the people and places. I always have fun looking at those in non fiction books. I highly recommend it.