An Interesting, New Perspective

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Thanks to BookishFirst and Tor/Forge Books for the ARC!
"Father of Lions" follows all the people surrounding the Mosul Zoo. After the city is torn apart by war, an evacuation plan is created to get a lion and a bear out of the city and to safety.
This book was intense. That's probably the best word for it. We are almost immediately plopped into a war zone. For us, this is a book, but for these people and animals this is their real life. War is rough on humans, but for animals it can be something completely different. Humans can understand their surroundings, animals cannot.
I think the biggest thing that stood out about this book is as much as you want it to be about people, it really isn't. The people are important, but they're all rotating around the focus: the animals. Books on war often focus on the details and facts, but this book focuses on heart and emotion.
This book was good, but not my favorite. I think there were a few moments where there were too many details or when I forgot the animals were the main focus. Overall, this was a unique perspective and I enjoyed seeing this viewpoint.