Pretttyyyy please send me this book!

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First and foremost, I must say that when I first started reading the synopsis of this book I thought that this book was going to break me, but then after diving a bit further I think this just might make me crack a smile...while also still shedding a tear. Why? Because war sucks, and even more so...I feel sympathy for animals a bit extra because often they cannot save themselves, they must rely on us. Much like innocent civilians and bystanders who must rely on their leaders.

Animals are everything to me. “Marley and Me” (both the book AND the movie) is one of my favorite stories ever, and to be compared to it means a LOT in my eyes. But, again I was sobbing .... so still I’m thinking I’m going to be quote emotional, which is okay...I’m prepared. I also very much enjoyed “A Street Cat Named Bob” AND “Finding Atticus” which both I ended up picking up totally by surprise at a library sale many years apart from one another in two different states. Books find me, I don’t find them; they call out to I am, devour me! I do own “The Zookeepers Wife” but I have yet to read it. Honestly, the cover just doesn’t quite captivate me and beg me to read it like this gargantuan Lion Face does. Now this book is one I’d be grabbing for!

A job well done, even if I only ever get to look at the cover! Somehow I think ( hope) this book manages to find me as its counterparts did.