Teen angst in a book

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Title: Everything We Never Said
Author: Sloan Harlow

I love a good teen romance filled with crime, mystery, and a big major plot twist. So this book was a perfect choice for me, and I'm truly glad I picked it up. I think that the writing style of Ella realizing she was in love with her dead best friend's boyfriend really showed her way of grieving and feelings wrong for being in love with someone who used to be in love with her deceased best friend. The twists and turns of this story caught me off guard and I was interested to see what would continue to unravel.

I like the cover, but I do wonder if it could've showcased a little bit more about the plot from the cover as it's very stereotypical in terms of looking like every other YA suspense book out there.

I would most definitely read other books by this author and I can't wait to see what they publish next.