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Another quick read in the realm of YA romance and mystery, this novel was devoured in a single sitting. While a tad predictable and, in my opinion, maintaining a straightforward trajectory until the final third, the story primarily focuses on the forbidden romance between the best friend of a deceased girl and the deceased girl's boyfriend, who might harbor dark secrets.
Fortunately, the author revs things up in the last third, injecting some excitement into the narrative, even though I discerned the plot twist early on after reading a few lines from a suspicious diary. Hence, l've settled on a solid three-star rating, signifying that this is a robust, fast, and easy-to-read YA thriller— a promising start for an author whose future works I look forward to enjoying a bit more!
Here's a glimpse of the plot: Ella, still a shadow of herself, grapples with the loss of her best friend, Hayley, who died in a car accident that she was driving. Coping with feelings of guilt, Ella returns to school, seeks the assistance of the school therapist, and rekindles her friendship with Seema, whom she became estranged from after getting closer to Hayley. However, the most challenging aspect is confronting Sawyer, Hayley's boyfriend, who stirs up complex emotions, intensifying her crush every time they cross paths. It appears that their feelings are mutual, with Sawyer struggling to contain his palpable attraction to her.
However, when Ella is summoned by Hayley's mother to pack up her deceased daughter's belongings— an emotionally daunting task - she discovers her friend's secret diary.
Overwhelmed by curiosity, Ella succumbs to the urge to read it, despite feeling extremely guilty. What she finds within the diary presents another side of Sawyer— a version starkly different from the caring and loving boy she has come to know. Could this seemingly affectionate boy have harmed her best friend? Is she risking her safety by opening her heart to the wrong person? What if Hayley's death wasn't an accident? As Ella begins to piece together the events of that fateful night, a hazy image of a car trailing them emerges in her mind. Determined to unveil the mystery surrounding her friend's death, even if it puts her own life in jeopardy, Ella embarks on a journey that promises to shatter her heart into pieces.