Give Me More!

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This started out (just a bit) slow for me. But, I think the day must have started out slowly for Ella as well, and she more than likely appreciated each minute that she puts off going to school. I love the way the author brings the reader into the story as if beside Ella giving her confidence to go ahead, to take her time, and to let the day go as it is supposed to go. The eyes of both friends, and those who may have been friends - waiting through their reactions to the return of Ella once a part of a twosome, a "Batman with sidekick" duo. Just as I was getting to "the moment" when Ella is told she must go to clean up her best friend's room; the teaser chapters were done. I scrolled through the pages to make sure that it wasn't a mistake. I want more! I would definitely read this book as I think there are hints that all is not entirely true with this story. I have my ideas, and definitely think that everything that Ella can't remember is vital to her story (and the story of Haley).