A personal guide with broader relevance.

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I usually don't gravitate toward self-help books because I am skeptical of "one size fits all" solutions for a wide range of people with different backgrounds, issues, and in varying stages of life. When I read the introduction to "Elevate", what immediately appealed to me was its flexible approach, inviting the reader to set their own pace and adapt the reading to their personal needs. The scope of this book quite large, so it is hard a write an in-depth reaction to something that will take a while to digest. This great scope has the advantage that most readers will probably find something that resonates with them, maybe even different things at different times. Beyond the personal usefulness of "Elevate", I was struck by its relevance to our current political environment regarding our personal biases, cognitive dissonance and our tendencies to perceive the world in a rigid, set way. While this is a personal guide, I think it provides food for thought regarding society at large. I look forward to delving further into this book in the near and distant future.