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Purposeful growth through awareness and action


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A modern world that is bursting with data can often make us feel even more lost as we struggle to find meaning and look for the answers to life’s mysteries. Joseph Deitch shares his lifelong pursuit of wisdom and growth in an accessible, practical, down-to-earth gift to his readers. Elevate is a celebration of life and the potential that exists for all of us. It provides both answers and insights as it links awareness and action, East and West, ancient and modern, spiritual and scientific. It offers a formula for turning frustration into fascination and provides a universal framework for what works and why, what to do . . . and why we don’t.

''This is a large-hearted and graciously written handbook for existing. No crystals, nothing 'funny,' just a followable, easy-to-digest guide up the mountain of life, where Deitch proffers up a better view and clearer air. There's a treasure house of consciousness-expanding stories, quotes, and insights threaded together with practical how-to approaches to the business of work, health, and love. Deitch doesn't preach or promise so much as share his own life's aha moments with a self-deprecating wink, as if you were sharing a profound laugh with a new pal over a nice fireside beer. In short: reading this book will make you a better person.''
--Amanda Palmer, rock star, crowd funding pioneer, TED speaker, and author of The Art of Asking


Joseph Deitch

Joseph Deitch was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and an alumnus of Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program. After college, he followed his muse and moved to the US Virgin Islands and eventually returned to Boston to pursue a career in financial services, always trying to merge the ethos of the islands and the entrepreneur.

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Publisher Greenleaf Book Group
Genre Self-Help
Publication Date Mar 27 2018
ISBN 9781626344693


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