I loved this book!

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This is the first book I have read in this series, but it is totally okay to be read as a stand alone. After reading this book, I am now going back to read all the books in this series!

This book happens back in the 1980's, and the heroine, Jane Tennison has just been assigned to an all male group of men known as the dirty dozen. The Metropolitan Police Flying Squad, known as the 'Sweeny', has always been all male and Jane is met with a lot of conflict and chauvinism from these men who feel she won't be able to handle herself. What is worse is that Jane thought she earned this position but finds out she was not put there from her own merits, but as a tool to try to tame this squad of male chauvinist men.

The moment she gets there they are on their way to an armed robbery. Jane finds out that there is going to be a multi million pound raid, but not when or who.

Determined to prove her worth, she puts up with all the "unnecessary tasks' she assigned to do but gets her foot in the door with Dabs, her partner of sorts. Jane finds out things that her superior deems nothing but allows Jane to break open the case with her tenacity.

The plot is great, I love Jane's character, she is brave, talented and intelligent! She never gives up, and proves her worth! I am excited to read all of these books with Jane Tennison in them, as I am sure this is a great series to read!