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An ok read!

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This book says that it is book 5 in the series, however, you can start with this one and be perfectly a matter of fact, I did. This book centers on the main character Jane Tennyson and her new spot with the "flying squad" that deals with robberies (especially banks).

Jane is the first and only female on the team and has to prove herself and her worth to her new co-workers. This book has a good plot, unique characters and a LOT of British words, phrases and customs. That wasn't the reason for the four stars (really 3.5 but I rounded up) though. The reason for the four stars is that there were several plot lines that were started and never went anywhere...such as the affair with Stewart and Katie that wrecked his marriage and got about two chapters and then nothing...Rachel and Emma had a complex story line and then all of the sudden we never read about them again...the hostage situation at the embassy got a mention and then nothing....Pam and her husband never really get a resolution either. I understand that it is a series, but these characters got so much attention at first and then BAM nothing.

The book had some slow parts to it and some filler parts that really had no relevance to the story. I would have liked to know what happened to the side plots instead of the intricacies of how to get a fingerprint using super glue...or how to make an espresso.

Not a terrible book, but not my favorite either. I may read more by this author in the future, but she isn't a move to the top of my TBR list and do it now. An overall ok read.