A great series when you have the itch for Mystery!!

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Book #5 in author Lynda LaPlante's Tennison series. I have stayed up to date with this series and was excited to get my hands on a copy of the newest.

Lynda LaPlante books are excellent mystery books if you are itching for something enticing and thrilling. The Jane Tennison character never disappoints and from book #1 I pictured her completely the type of person that she is and appears to look like. Really fun read. I won't go too deep into describing any part of this story only because the entire series is such an intricate, well thought out, well researched, journey of a woman working her way through the ranks of the Police force. You have to read from the beginning to truly enjoy a fantastic series. Could it be read as a stand-alone? Yes. But why would you want to when this book is just as great as all the others before?! It would be a reading travesty to not read the others...and then dive right into this series. Get the books and then be prepared to not want to get up and do much else for a couple of hours.

Highly recommend.