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A Great in-the-trenches police novel!

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The Dirty Dozen
by Lynda LaPlante

For those familiar with the author's work in the "Prime Suspect" novels, this book will be a marked change. Instead of the heard action, gritty thriller, THE DIRTY DOZEN focuses on the careful meticulous investigation of the MET's "Flying Squad", a task force dedicated to investigation of robberies. In this book, the focus is on the robbery of an armored cash delivery truck at a local bank. Jane Tennison has just been assigned to serve as the first female member of this notorious "boy's club" and faces prejudice at every turn.

The book opens with an action filled chase. The Flying Squad has been tipped off that a robbery is in process and true to their name, the squad flies into action, chasing the bad guys through the streets of London until an accident allows the criminals to get away. What follows is the slow, grinding, careful investigation to uncover the facts of who the criminals are, where they live, and what evidence they can accumulate with the hopes of catching them in the act of committing their next robbery. Missing from this book are the hard-edged action moments and thrills of earlier novels.

The real focus for me in the books of the Tennison series is the fascinating figure of Jane Tennison herself. She is a more than capable police officer living at a time when women had not previously served in the Metropolitan Police Force. She is literally a ground breaker. The author does a marvelous job of sharing both Jane's strengths of character and her moments of self-doubt. In the end, however, it is Jane's careful attention to detail and her tenacity that help solve the case and put the bad guys away. But then, would you expect anything less?

I found myself captivated by THE DIRTY DOZEN from the very beginning and even without the high tension thrill ride of other books, I found it hard to put down. I highly recommend this book. I am grateful to BOOKISH for the gift of this book and for the opportunity to offer my honest opinion of it.