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Corrupted Humours grabbed me and held me. Yes, Friedman is fun to read: witty, imaginative, sardonic, mysterious, as he led me down two intertwined but seemingly unconnected paths. I regret that I read other reviews because I want to discover their connection for myself and I'm just past halfway in my reading. I was intrigued by the novel's explosive and mysterious beginning and just like protagonist Owen Berk, I was driven to find out whether a human being can truly be blown to smithereens by the ignition of his own farts. Soon I was caught up in the investigation and in the lives of the wonderfully real characters that Friedman has created. I am not going to read any more reviews because they ruin the suspense. But I am going to take a nap right now before I pick up Corrupted Humours to continue my journey because I know it will keep me up again all night.