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The sneak peek of this book sounded really good so I was excited when I won a copy. However, once I dived in, I had a hard time staying focused on the story. The writing style just didn't pull me in like I had hoped it would. The premise was an interesting one but to me, it got confusing trying to keep the "real" part and fictional part separate. I also felt like the formatting of the book was off and tough to follow. The non-use of quotation marks also really throws me off because I get irritated not knowing if something is being spoke out loud or in their head, or it's it's part of the narration. I also wasn't a fan of the descriptions of the sex scenes and how Owen described women. They were very cringe worthy to me. I really wanted to like the book more but unfortunately it just wasn't for me. I'm sorry to say that I might not be as inclined to pick up something from the author again.