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I entered this giveaway to find a book that was more outside of my comfort zone. The author is not shy at telling people that this is a satrical look at a wouldbe exporer that is only seeking fame and glory with no real knowlage of what lies ahead of him in the artic. Knowing that this book did not really change my mind about it not being a book for me, as I like to have a protagonist that I can root for and by desgin this guy is someone that you are meant to dislike from page one. So if you also don't want to spend a long time with a character like that then I would say give this book a pass.
But if you are intrested in a slow burn, with a book that I really can only discribe as very white and want to try something outside of your comfort zome then give this one a try. This is this authors first novel and the discription of setting is next level since the setting is literally nothing but snow.