Meh couldn’t finish it

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*Thank you to BookishFirst and Publerati for this arc of Murray Lee’s upcoming book Compass in exchange for an honest review. Now normally I really enjoy reading books outside of my normal genres and tastes. That is how you learn to love new works and expand your horizons. With this story however this wasn’t the case. The premise sounded intriguing. A researcher exploring the arctic as I read more he claimed to be more of a historian but nonetheless. I thought I was going to learn a lot I just found the story so dull. It didn’t help the fact that all the narrator seemed to do was complain. He seemed to really hate his job and colleagues. More than halfway through I had to stop. Hopefully others will get more out of this story than I did. I have never said this about another book but just judging by the atrocious cover should have been enough of a clue for me.