I liked it.

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Early in his career he was a marine biologist and turned into a historian storyteller. He would read old notes from deceased adventurers and add his own additional info to make it more interesting. He was a speaker at many different places. When he got called out on not seeing The Edge in the Canadian artic, he decided to go there and see it for himself.

He hires a ranger guide to take him to go see it. The trip is a little rough and they had to go a different way but finally got there. The main part of the story is how he was stranded on a floating berg. With the sun always up, he had a hard time keeping track of how long he was on there. He talked to seals, walruses, and a bear. He thought he was stranded for a few weeks and it turned out to be four days.

It was an interesting read on how he tried to survive and plan but even though it was only four days, he seemed to have gone a little crazy and never got it back.