Well Written Story about Stories

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This is such a well-written book. So easy to read, the main character's voice is fluent and fluid, as sentence follows sentence. I haven't yet finished this novel, but I look forward to reading what must be a roller coaster adventure. Guy (no last name) admits to stealing other adventurers' high-octane, super-dangerous exploits to fuel his books about adventure-seekers. And he admits that he often lies about certain aspects to improve the storyline's appeal. On his lecture circuit, dressed like Indiana Jones and sporting a northwood's beard, he is a poser.

Finally, at the middle of his life, Guy decides to embark on his own daredevil adventure: traveling to the northermost North in search of the Edge, where the ocean seeps into the sky. It will be getting "edgy" soon, I'm sure, and I can't wait to read more.