Lots of Potential

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“What we have, what we build, what our family and ancestors have built makes us what we are. That’s what we have to protect.”

Chaos & Flame follows Darling Seabreak who doesn't remember anything before her family and entire House were murdered. When her adoptive father is kidnapped by the same House, she vows to do anything she can to get him back. But as she spends time in House Dragon with High Prince Regent Caspian and his brother War Prince Talon, she begins to care for them and realizes the High Prince Regent's motives are not all that they seem.

This had so much potential. I loved the concept and I loved the idea of these characters. I think it lacked some world building due to its pacing. Everything happened very quickly and didn’t leave a lot of time to explain how this world works or to get a feel for the stakes. It also made character development fuzzy. I was unsure of their motivations and I think their relationships developed really quickly. The enemies changed to lovers really fast. The war ended and restarted really fast. I’m not sure what happened at the end with all the plot twists. Overall, I was really interested in these characters and this world, but I wish we could’ve slowed down to learn more about them.