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This could have been so much more than it was. It had the potential to be an epic slow-burn with tons of political intrigue. Instead we get instalove and some rather obvious political machinations, though most of the story is focused on the "love triangle" of Darling and the two princes, even though the instalove makes it obvious that it's not actually a triangle.

It was a struggle to care about any of the characters - except Talon's brother because he was chaotic and very interesting. But the story focused more on Darling and Talon (of course.)

The worldbuilding is practically nonexistent, even though the setting could have been very interesting to explore. Especially since they are literally traveling from House to House?

There were some parts I liked, and I am intrigued by the ending, but overall it didn't really stand out to me as anything beyond generic YA fantasy.

The audiobook was easy to listen to and the voices didn't detract from the story. It wasn't an outstanding performance but it wasn't bad either.

*Thanks to Bookishfirst and Razorbill for providing an early copy for review.