Caspian is Chaos, I love him

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What happens when the High Regent is a cheery, crazy gremlin? Enter Prince Caspian (not that Caspian), who keeps everyone and the reader on their toes with cryptic remarks and spontaneous, public decisions. It'd be easy to villainize him, but I appreciate how Chaos & Flame focuses on positive family bonds for all of the main leads, chaotic Caspian included. That's not to say some of these royals aren't sus...

I adored the prologue. Everything after that was fine but didn't super hook me in (with exception of Caspian's shenanigans), so DNF at 50%.

Recommend for those looking for a stabby heroine, queer-normative ya fantasy with rival factions, and that one crazy relative that is Out Of Control. There's also wholesome found family (that will help you stab people, supportively, of course) and a variety of magical boons that remind me of Graceling.