Burning desire for more chaos

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It left me with the burning desire of the Dragons and Krakens, wanting more of the Chaos boon! The two families who have been divided since the death of Darling's family, have been at war together. Since Darling's father has been kidnapped, this has given her more reason to seek revenge on the House of Dragon's.

The chapter divide of the characters is brilliant! I got the feeling of Talon and Darling, and of who they are, and what their background is as well as where they came from. Darling is part of an adoptive family who never seems to see eye to eye with her sister no matter how hard she tries.

I'm excited for the release so that I can buy this and continue reading. YA fantasy is my favourite genre and this is the best book that I have read of this genre in a while. Well done Tessa and Justina, this may have been your first, but I hope there are many, many more to come!!