Not what I had hoped it would be

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After reading the sample, I was really looking forward to reading this book. The book takes place over the course of a year, but includes some past memories/flashbacks. I like how the author gradually revealed the backstory between Anne and Adam through Anne’s memories. I really liked the way the author told the story using the MC’s perspective and some of her emails. It was an okay read for me, but I felt like I wasn’t overly invested in the characters and their story. I had difficulty connecting with some of the characters because I felt like they were kind of all over the place and that their actions didn’t necessarily correspond to their personality. For me, Larry was a good example of this. I had issues with the way his relationship with Jack developed and progressed, because it didn’t really match with the way he was initially portrayed in the book. As I’ve typed this review, I wonder if the author did that in an attempt to show how chaotic things were for all of the characters in the beginning, especially for Anne. I did feel like after Anne encountered some of her challenges, she showed personal growth and had stabilized by the end of the book. One thing that I did not like was how quick things progressed between Anne and Adam at the end of the book. I feel like they jumped to the proposal too quickly without allowing themselves to get to know each other better, on a more personal level, as the people that they are now.