Works for Certain Businesses

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What a great book for certain businesses. I started a bed & Breakfast, so the book worked for some aspects, not all. The exercises were very educational. It took me awhile to finish because of the exercises. I diligently did what a could.

My daughter picked it up and started reading it and loved it. She is working on starting her own business. And doing the exercises. She said that the book is coming in very handy. The resources too.

Business Minded: A Guide to Setting Up Your Mind, Body and Business for Success is written with easy to understand principles of business. And an easy to follow process. You may not feel like doing the exercises, but do them you will learn a lot about yourself. The author, Carly, adds her own mishaps, which makes the book relatable than the average business self-help book.

The cover of the book catches you eye and makes you want to read.