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With her step-by-step guide, Carly Riordan will help you become a happy, healthy, successful, business-minded boss.

Business Minded

A Guide to Setting Up Your Mind, Body and Business for Success

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Part self-help wisdom, part business school teaching, and part interactive workbook, plus real-life advice from 18 amazing, thriving entrepreneurs, Business Minded includes everything you need to know to turn your creative passion into a successful company. With clarity and approachability, this complete guide will teach you how to monetize your creativity with a sustainable operation: ideation and business plans, branding, bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, management, social media, and more.

Through it all, Carly will remind you of your true goal: you started your business to make you happy. That's not a bad thing! You can't field calls, answer emails, manage your accounts, and so on, if you're not taking care of yourself first. With firsthand wisdom, she'll encourage you to live a happy entrepreneur's lifestyle because YOU are your business's greatest asset.

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Carly A. Riordan

A lifestyle blogger living in the tri-state area, Carly (Heitlinger) Riordan (226k followers) is the founder of Carly's Book Club, Carly's Stitch Club, and, of course, her eponymous blog Carly the Prepster (est. 2008). Carly is a "numbers person"—a business school graduate of Georgetown University where she balanced being a high-achieving student, an athlete, and an emerging blogger. She turned her blog into a legitimate, successful business using the concepts she learned in school. She wholeheartedly believes that any young woman should be empowered to flex her entrepreneurial muscle to merge great business sense with creativity and passion.

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Publisher DK
Genre Self-Help
Publication Date Dec 28 2021
ISBN 9781615649976


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