More Than a Business Book

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Thank you to BookishFirst for my copy of "Business Minded", which I won in a book raffle! :)

The cover: I really liked the simplicity and symbolism of the cover of this book - there are small but significant details there: the lightbulb icon over "Business" and the lotus flower over "Minded" are a nice minimalist touch on its cover.

The book: After digging in to the "first look" at this one, I really liked how colorful and styled this book was. Now that I have read it cover-to-cover, I can really say that this isn't JUST a book about entrepreneurship. It is, rather, a collection of various female entrepreneurs' stories that goes into their backstories and their advice on various topics that are covered throughout.

There are multiple topics/aspects covered in this book, which fall under the major sections of Dream [creating your idea, hobbies vs. businesses, niches, and creating a business plan], Formalize [legal, financing, bookkeeping, and accounting and taxes], Strategize [pricing and inventory], Grow [hiring and management], and Appeal branding, marketing, social media, and social good].

I really liked that it wasn't just a guide on how to start a business. It covered topics of real concern, including burnout, which I really appreciated. Business books don't usually go into talking about burnout [unless of course you buy a book SPECIFICALLY about burnout] so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that section in particular.

The journal format and layout allows plenty of space for the reader to brainstorm and put pen to paper throughout each of the major aforementioned sections - love this! I am a sucker for a good journal, and this one just MAKES SENSE! I also really appreciated the gorgeous illustrative artwork throughout this guide.