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Ok I honestly wasn’t expecting to find a workbook style book but this is amazing! First I like that while it’s one author, that she has several different sections that are by other people that have their own way of doing something that helped them succeed in business. Now I didn’t write in the book because I intend to lend it out to others to use because I can’t wait to implement some of this into my business starting in 2022! The advice wasn’t something I would consider to be drastic changes, just little ones that I can do here & there to make me more successful in my business & actually some of it will help me in my everyday life too. There are some areas that I can’t really see right now that I could apply to my business but know that maybe in the long run will help me. I’m so glad to have gotten this ad an advance copy because I’m going to go through it again & start putting what I learned into effect. If your looking to help your business without changing yourself I would highly recommend this book!