Great for a certain niche of person

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First off, I loved the way this book looked and was printed. It was nice and large, and was easy to read and flip through. The inside of the book really caught my attention, and made me want to continue reading. I felt like the cover could have been a little more eye catching, but the content certainly makes up for lack luster design. It honestly would not scream "buy me" from a shelf at Barnes and Noble, but once I picked it up I was pleasantly surprised.

This book really is for a particular niche of person, looking to move their business forward. I loved the testimonials and advice from the various business minded people, and not just the author's point of view and opinion. This was a great, broad spectrum look at how to successfully start, run and improve your business.

That being said, you need to have a business to make this book really speak to you. I don't, but I can definitely see the potential if I ever were to go that direction.