Good concept and beautiful printing

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This book was a beautiful book, when I opened it up. Oversized, with lovely graphics on the inside, its more than just a book. Its really a blueprint of how to run your business to keep yourself happy and engaged in something that you wanted to do in the first place.

This book is for a very specific audience, including one that actually has a small business. Although I do not, I was able to glean some helpful advice from this book about my own life, and enjoying the choices that I made. Running a business can be stressful and those who do it can feel very alone, at times, with knowing what to do and how to be more successful. This book reminds everyone that everything, even running this business, should make you happy. If it is not making you happy, you should change or stop it.

Overall, this book was a great reminder that making yourself happy should be a priority in your life. That is something that we all can easily agree on!