Business, if you want

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Over the years I have read many business books. Most of them are about either solving problems or enhancing productivity. I tend to treat them like self-help books, where you want to change something about yourself. That is not the focus of this book. Here we are looking much earlier in the process of business.
Being a business person or entrepreneur is all the rage now. Everybody wants to become one, even if they have no idea what they are signing up for. I, myself, once toyed with the idea during a period of unemployment. I decided against it, and this book covers the whys of my decision.
Starting and running a business is not easy. There are lots of things you need to know beforehand. The book is a step by step guide, with probing questions and worksheets, to creating that start-up. Some people do it seemingly effortlessly. Others struggle for years. Still others fail repeatedly. Following the steps and covering the bases listed in this book will help the less successful reach their dream. It can also give you social cover if you find you really don't want to run your own business.
The layout of the book is very simple and easy to read. The questions in each section, if answered properly for you and not parroting what you think you should say, will guide you toward your success. I found the book interesting and different. Check it out if you ever thought you'd like to be an entrepreneur.