°•Beyond basics for a successful business•°

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This book is provided with a variety of entrepreneurs who teach you how to have; a niche, create a business plan, legalities, choosing your business structure, financing processing your financial needs, ways to fund your business structure and more!! I was actually surprised with how much helpful information, steps and graphs were shown & provided in the book. Not only were there diverse voices, but surprisingly enough, there was also very insightful and helpful advice. Things I didn't even think about and didn't know that I would need to know.

More than just being a basic book on business. This book provided the basics and beyond. There was talk about burnout, and exercise and diet to help you along as you are doing your business because not only are our businesses important, but also our mental, physical and emotional health before hand. And that was my most favorite thing about this book! I highly recommend this to all beginner business owners, beginner entrepreneurs, or even people that are considering making their hobby their business.

Also the cover is very gorgeous & elegant. The writing style is very easy to read and adorable images on the inside makes the reading even more fun!