Amazing Resource!

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Upon receiving my copy (of this WONDERFUL book.. can you tell where this review is going?) I instantly found myself flipping through the pages and jotting down everything that had been stuck in my head regarding my feelings and motivations towards my business. Along with some great prompts that truly get you thinking about WHY you want to be a business owner there are also some amazingly beautiful layouts that are eye catching and captivating. I am so incredibly happy with the book and cannot wait to dive deeper into it all. I believe that this is a great and fun resource for anyone who is even considering starting a snugness as it hits on a lot of points that an average person trying to get in the game would not even think to ponder over. I have already had a friend comment on the book in search of one herself. Obviously I was more than happy to share my excitement towards it and I believe she is wanting a copy for herself.