A Must-Read for A Career Individual

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Business Minded is a guide to anyone that is looking to start a business. Besides the basics, the book explores every aspect of start ups including your mind, body, health and legal issues. As a person with a set career that is not my own business, I was set that I would not enjoy this book I was pleasantly surprised by how many of the topics may be applied to different careers.

The writing style is simple and to the point. There are worksheets, quizzes, and examples that break up the monotony of the topics. With multiple color sections, the different areas are easy to read and keep your attention. My favorite part is that I can pick one section and begin reading. It is not required to read from start to finish and feel like you are missing important details.

While I applaud the overall theme, I would encourage those that are interested in mind, body, and health to pick up this book. The chapter called "Holding It Together" took an idea everyone is thinking and put it into words. Part 2 is a must-read for anyone in a career.