A great tool to help you plan your business or not

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I loved this book. I've even recommended it to a few friends. First, I love the fact that it addresses work-life balance. This is a term you hear often and for me no matter how I define it, I can't seem to achieve it. I am hoping this book helps me finally achieve it.

The business section of the book is clearly laid out and even addresses if that thing you love should really become a business or not. I love the simple step by step process. Stories about real business owners inspire and provide food for thought as well.

I love the fact that the well-organized, step-by-step plan we have come to love carries over into the Minded portion of the book where you learn how to balance your business and your life. The emphasis on eating well, sleeping well, and moving every day along with relaxation activities like yoga and journaling all have a part to play.

Overall I think this book is an excellent resource for people considering starting a business or looking for ways to better balance their business and their life. I will be working on the second suggestion in 2022.