Smart and Sharp!

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I waited a long time to get my copy of this book, mailing snafu, emails back and forth, etc. So was it worth the wait? Oh my word, YES! This was everything I was hoping for. It was smart, funny, satirical, and I couldn't put it down.

Darren is working at Starbucks (Buck is his nickname) when he encounters CEO Rhett. Darren sells him on a coffee and off the story goes. Rhett sees potential in him and offers him an interview. He gets the job in sales for an internet startup called Sumwun. Imagine "The Wolf of Wall Street" kinda place. Will he succeed or go sown in flames.

This is SATIRE. I will say it again for the people in the back, this is SATIRE. crazy smart satire too. The entire book was funny with a running joke throughout the entire book and made me laugh out loud several times. Another title could be the world of white sales according to a black man trying to find his way. Buck goes through some nasty changes too. While trying to emulate his coworkers, he becomes that slick salesman we all know and hate. He alienates friends and family.

So why 4 stars, I didn't love the ending. I understand why but still, it left me with a bad taste. hasty to take away a whole star, maybe but I am ok with that. I really didn't enjoy the ending and wanted nothing more than to put it down, walk away, and hope the ending changed.

Thank you to the publishers and author for providing me with an advanced copy to read and review.