Not what I Expected and Not in a Good Way

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I DNF'd this book after two separate attempts to read it. The concept sounded fantastic. As an idea, I loved the thought of following a young black man and his rise through a satyrical, eccentric funhouse-mirror-version of a high-profile Wallstreet company. Unfortunately, I cannot say exactly where things "went wrong" for me, so to speak. The writing was good. Each character I had been introduced to felt real and alive, which is often lacking in so many books nowadays. There was a good set up for the struggle of ambition vs. contentment, not to mention a host of other real world societal issues. But I just...didn't feel the need to read much further than the point at which our protagonist takes his job. I have not read a lot of satire that resembles this work, so perhaps that is where the disconnect occurred for me. I've rated this book two stars, because I feel like it does have merits worthy of noting. I think that some people will adore this book and rightfully so. I just couldn't get in to it.