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When I first started reading this book I was drawn in. The excitement of what was happening and the curiosity of what was going to happen next was enticing. I liked that it was written as if the main character was writing it and there were little "reader tips" from him. However, as I kept on reading the story started to get a little over the top and, somehow, at the same time repetitive and boring. I know that the story was satirical in nature and it was based on the sales world, but I think that it sometimes got caught up a little bit too much in the details of sales. A reader that has not worked in the sales world may find this kind of dry. This book took me a while to get through. I kept putting it down and picking up a different book for a while in-between when normally a book gets read in a day or two. However, although it was not my kind of book, I think that it was well written and will definitely recommend it to some of my friends that like this sort of thing.