Informative, Funny, and Real

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This book made me think, it made me uncomfortable at times, and it taught me some lessons. The format of this book memoir/sales tip manual really worked. I didn't think this book would work, but it really, truly does. This book made me learn things, while keeping me interested in the story and the evolution of this character.

I appreciated what the author was telling us. This feels like the type of story that we need more of. It's the kind of book that sparks conversation and I firmly believe that it should be read by HS English students in the classrooms. I see this book as one that gets on a lot of lists and (hopefully) gets some buzz.

One thing is that I will definitely be buying this book and giving it to some friends. I will keep that promise, because the author kept his. This author is now on my list of auto-buy authors. Happy I got the chance to read this book.