Dark Workplace Drama

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The satirical story of a Black man named Darren working his way up through the sales department of a tech start up, where he becomes known as Buck due to his previous job at Starbucks. The startup has a bit of a cult-like atmosphere, and it separates him from his community and family. Darren also faces numerous microaggressions, being the only Black employee and the ways they try to use him to show their diversity. The book is quite a journey for Darren as he tries to figure out where he belongs and who he is. There were parts I loved, like the early days of him working at the startup and later in the end as he tries to help others. But there were also parts that were just a bit far-fetched. The unevenness made it a 3 star read for me, though there were parts that were 5 stars. I also have to give props to the audiobook narrator who was great, it definitely added something nice to the story.