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A complete adventure from start to finish

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Wow. This story was truly an adventure. The reader gets to watch Darren Vender, also known as Buck, through his career in sales at Sumwun, a start-up in New York City.

At first, Buck is a super likable, relatable character that has to go through a LOT during his hazing Hell Week at Sumwun. (By the way, for a while I was pretty convinced that the author would never tell us what Sumwun actually did or sold, which would have been a pretty bold move.) As Buck rises in the ranks, he begins to lose himself—but there are a lot of ups and downs along the way from there.

Overall I enjoyed reading Black Buck way more than I thought I would. I knew that as a white woman there would be parts of the story that made me uncomfortable, and parts that I may not fully understand due to not having certain life experiences. Regardless, the story was so well written that I very much enjoyed reading it. The author made a somewhat difficult subject (race in sales and start-ups) very accessible for any reader.