When lightning strikes

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Eva Clarke’s mother Kat has been murdered, and she was found nearby, struck by lightning and unable to remember what happened. Flashes of the night come to her, and she sees herself holding a knife, covered in blood. Is it possible that Eva was the murderer? The lead detective certainly thinks so. But Eva’s search into what happened that night takes a sharp turn when she learns that not everything in her past is what it seems, sending her to London to search out answers from her mother’s early life. Interspersed with Eva’s story is her mother’s narration, starting twenty-five years before the night that ended her life. Kat’s story is much more episodic, covering twenty-five years to Eva’s week, but both are chilling and necessary to the story.

Behind Every Lie is an enjoyable, twisty thriller. It takes on a number of issues, with few extraneous plotlines, keeping everything well-focused on Kat’s murder and Eva’s memories. My biggest quibble with the entire plot is the inclusion of backstory for the lead detective. I’m not sure it adds to the story, but it demands enough space in the novel to require the reader’s attention. That being said, a few moments out of an afternoon’s reading isn’t enough to prevent a whole-hearted recommendation to thriller enthusiasts, or crime novel readers looking to expand into thrillers from procedurals. Creepy and eerie enough to be a thriller, but not enough to give you nightmares, which in my opinion makes it a perfect fit for a winter weekend read.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via BookishFirst for an honest review.