Page turner with lots of twists!

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I won this advanced readers copy in a Bookish First raffle and kept prioritizing other books over this one. Now I’m questioning why! I couldn’t put this book down! It was riveting and full of twists that I didn’t see coming. This was a fast paced read with great character development. The unreliable narrator made me itch for more and the shorter chapters made it easy to neglect my kids so I could read “just one more.” 😆
Behind Every Lie tells the story of Eva waking up in the hospital with selective amnesia after being struck by lightning. 🤯 Right?! But then she learns that her mother was murdered and to top it all off, she is a suspect! 🤯🤯 Obviously due to the selective amnesia, she isn’t able to recall the night her mother was murdered which doesn’t help her to clear her name. She sets off to London, where her mother was from, to try and get some answers to who may have killed her mother. As she continues to attempt to clear her name, she starts to recall fragments of memories that don’t make sense and she begins to experience some paranoia as well as guilt. Did she really kill her mother? Can she trust herself? Or is there someone out there that doesn’t want the truth to come out?
Thank you @gallerybooks for gifting me with a copy of Behind Every Lie by Christina McDonald in exchange for an independent and honest review. This book will be on shelves next Tuesday, 02/04/2020. Pre-order it now and you can start reading it in one week!! Don’t be like me and push it off to prioritize other books because you’ll regret it!